August 9, 2017

Celebrate Love at Your Local Bridal Boutique


Why is it more special and rewarding to shop at a local bridal boutique rather than the big chain store? Because you want your experience to be about you falling in love all over again.

When you fell in love with your significant other, no one else could tell you how you felt in that moment. No one else could describe it or replicate it or replace your very special moment. It can't be mass-produced; it can't be manufactured for others to buy; it is solely yours alone. You're the designer, producer, and manufacturer of one single feeling that no one else has the rights to.

This is how you should feel during your shopping experience at a bridal boutique: unique, special, and one of a kind. Your experience should feel as personalized as the one of a kind love that you share with your significant other. Memories Bridal & Evening Wear makes it easy to fall in love all over again--but this time with your dress.

Three ways Memories Bridal helps you fall in love all over again:

1. Specialized Attention

From the moment you walk in the door, a Memories bridal consultant gives you a warm smile and directs all their attention towards you. They shake your hand, get to know your other guests, and show you around the store as if they were inviting you into their home. At the end of your appointment, your consultant writes a personal message in a handwritten letter to commemorate the bonding experience.


2. Princess Treatment

The bridal floor at Memories is designed with the intention of making you feel like a total princess. The personalized experience includes your own special area with a fitting room with a platform stage, bright lights, and glamorous mirrors so your family & friends can see how beautiful you look in the dresses. Water is always provided and wine glasses are available if your party is celebrating with beverages.

Your consultant will become your personal corset-fastener, button looper, and zipper puller during the entirety of your appointment. You never have to worry if you have your dress on correctly because your Memories consultant will always be by your side to make your day stress-free. Throughout your appointment your consultant will also help you pick out accessories and put on everything from head to toe so that your Cinderella moment never ends!

3. More than just a Consultant

Your bridal consultant at Memories doesn’t see you as a nameless customer, but as a friend who wants to see you happy in the dress of your dreams. As your friend, they spend time getting to know your family and ask about your fiancé to better understand your special sense of love. By bonding with you, your consultant becomes aware of what gives you butterflies and makes your heart swell. Before you know it you’ll be falling all over again--but this time it’s for the dress that celebrates you being in love.

Ready to celebrate love?

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