The Prom Shop

The Prom Shop
RiverTown Crossings Mall

RiverTown Crossings Mall


The Prom Shop is Memories’ seasonal prom store in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Located at RiverTown Crossings Mall in Grandville, We open each year from January through April. If you miss us, be sure to visit our year-round location at 203 E. Michigan Ave. in downtown Kalamazoo

The Prom Shop features Grand Rapids’ largest selection of designer prom gowns.  Plus, with our famous Free Dress Registry, we won’t sell your dress to anyone else at your event – it will stay exclusive to you! FAQ

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Dress Registry

Dress Registry

Nothing can ruin your prom night faster than seeing someone else wearing your same dress. At Memories we register our gowns and guarantee we won’t sell your dress to anyone else at your prom (even in a different color).  Your gorgeous gown will stay exclusive to you!


When should I start shopping for my prom dress?
The earlier the better! We start receiving our new prom stock in November and December and our stock levels typically peak in February.  While we continue to receive new arrivals throughout the season, it’s best to shop early for the biggest selection.

Will you sell my same dress to anyone else going to my prom?
No. We register all of our gowns and won’t sell the same dress to anyone else going to your event (even in a different color).

What is the price range of your prom gowns?
The majority of our prom gowns range in price from $299-$699.

Can you match my date’s tux colors to my dress?
Yes. Since we also offer tuxedo rental we can match your date’s tux to your prom dress perfectly. Plus, we offer the area’s best selection of vest and tie colors (tuxedo rentals are only available at our downtown Kalamazoo location).

How do alterations work?
See our alterations page.

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